The Benefits of Using Check Valves in Industrial Hydraulic Systems

The Benefits of Using Check Valves in
Industrial Hydraulic Systems

If you are familiar with the hydraulic valve manufacturers in India, you must have surely heard about the term check valves. These are the simplest hydraulic devices and they work in a singular way, that is to allow flow in one direction at the same time blocking the flow from the opposite direction. They are also called one-way directional valves.

While the hydraulic valve manufacturers develop them with a lot of precision, did you know that check valves are also called non-return valves, one-way valves?

These come in different sizes, ranges, designs, and materials. These are used in many industries which are installed in a series to prevent any backflow.

Most of the engineers use this product for protecting pumps in any liquid application or in gas systems. The main advantage of using check valves are: prevent backflow, maintains pressure and load holding.

Every hydraulic check valve manufacturer makes sure to provide you with the best elements and check valves having a lot of benefits, but here are some points that are kept in mind while making them:

  • Material Used: Make sure that the material selection must be compatible with the piping systems and the specific types of fluid flowing through them.
  • Requirement and Capability: Every check valve should pass the test of handling various temperatures and pressure cases. Spring cracking pressure is also equally important.
  • Sizes and Forms: Choosing the right check valve is essential. It should have control considerations, this helps increase safety in a dangerous situation. The sizing of the valve is crucial, which is based on the volume of the flow.
  • Issues and Factors: Making sure that the valve works for a long-time is an important key and other factors to keep in mind are the valve’s resistance to jamming, clogging, or other things.
  • Special Details: The valve requires specific selections like response times, cracking pressure, fluid viscosity and so much more.

After knowing in detail about the check valves, have you ever wondered what are the benefits of using them? How will it help you? Which are the best hydraulic valve manufacturers?

Prevention of Upstream Parts: As the check valves are unilateral directional flow, the backflow can hamper the meters, filters, compressors, pumps, and other devices that have multi-directional flow.

What are different types of Check Valves?

Depending on the hydraulic circuit, space available, Engineer will select the right Check valve for their application. Some of the types of Check valves are listed below.

  • Line Mounting
  • Screw in Cartridge
  • Sub Plate Mounting

What are the Characteristics of Check Valves?

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Quick opening and low-pressure change
  • Reliable and has long shelf life
  • Used for vertical and horizontal flow
  • Easy to choose
  • Can be used for high as well as low pressure and flow.


To conclude, hydraulic valve manufacturers in India pay detailed attention to making check valves a great product. Their main purpose should be to minimize the energy being used and also protect the system from pressure surges.

Choose your check valve according to your needs and demand. It depends on the space, energy, and maintenance. Identifying your specific needs and limitations will help you determine the right type of check valve for your system.

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