Tube Couplings

Tube to Tube Coupling

Straight Coupling | G

Equal Elbow Coupling | W

Equal Tee Coupling | T

Equal Cross Coupling | K

Tube to Taper Male Stud BSPT/NPTF

Male Stud Coupling |  GE-R

Male Stud Elbow | WE-R

Male Stud Branch Tee |  TE-R

Male Stud Barrel Tee | LE-R

Male Stud Coupling |  GE-N

Male Stud Elbow | WE-N

Tube to Male Stud Elastomeric

Tube to Male Stud with 'O' Ring

Male Stud Coupling |  GE-GE

Male Stud Elbow | GE-ME

Male Stud Coupling |  GE-MO

Male Stud Elbow | GE-S


Weld Coupling

Straight Bulkhead |  SV

Elbow Bulkhead | WSV

Weld Bulkhead | ESV

Weld Coupling |  AS

Female Connectors


Straight Female Coupling |  GAI-G

Straight Female Coupling | GAI-M

Straight Reducers | GR

Reducing Standpipes | RED

Banjo Coupling

Banjo Coupling |  HSWV-G

Banjo Coupling, Soft Seal | WH-GE

Banjo Coupling, Soft Seal | WH-ME

Swivel Connector, Soft Seal

Straight Stud Standpipe |  EGE-GE

Straight Stud Standpipe | EGE-ME

Swivel Elbow Coupling | EW

Swivel Branch Tee | ET

Swivel Barrel Tee | EL

Swivel Stud Connector, Soft Seal

Swivel Stud Elbow |  EW-GE

Swivel Stud Branch Tee | ET-GE

Swivel Stud Barrel Tee | EL-GE

Weld Nipple

Blanking End

Weldable Nipple |  WNA

Reducer Weldable Nipple | WNR

Blanking Plugs | VKA

Reducing End | BUZT

Gauge Adaptors

Pressure Gauge Connector |  MAV-G

Pressure Gauge Standpipe | MAVE-G

Gauge Mounting Adaptor | 1GA-GE

Plugs - BSPP with Elastomeric Seal

Plugs - Metric with Elastomeric Seal

Socket Head Plug |  VSTI-GE

Hex Head Plug | VST-GE

Socket Head Plug | VSTI-ME

Hex Head Plug | VST-ME

Plugs SAE / UNF

Plugs Metric

Socket Head Plug |  VSTI-S

Hex Head Plug | VST-S

Socket Head Plug |  VSTI-MO

Hex Head Plug | VST-MO

Plugs BSPT

Plugs NPTF

Socket Head Plug |  VSTI-R

Hex Head Plug | VST-R

Socket Head Plug |  VSTI-N

Hex Head Plug | VST-N


Male Female Adaptor | MFA-GE-G

Male Female Adaptor | MFA-GE-S

Male Female Adaptor | MFA-S-G

Hose Adaptor | HA-G

SAE Flanged connections

Swivel Flange Connection |  GFS

Swivel Flange Connection | WFS

Swivel Flange Connection | AS


Pre Setting Tool |  PST


Elastomeric Seals | ED

Coupling Nuts

Coupling Nuts |  M


Double Bite Ferrules |  P

Lock Nuts

Lock Nuts |  GM

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